Sort by date (when using search field)

I ran into a problem when looking for a mail from a specific day. The search for the subject  of the mail (the only available information given by the user) delivered lots of mails that met the search criteria. I was not able to sort them by date which did cost a lot of time since I had to scroll down ´til the end in order to make sure not to miss anything.


The support of keepit told me: "Sort options are available only when you are browsing folders without using the search field. If you type something, you are looking for, in the search field all files will be sorted by relevance and that is the only available option right now."


The support furthermore suggested to share my idea at this forum.


Thank you for considering if this funtionality could be useful and realized in further development.


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I agree with Vera that it would be handy sort mails by date when searching. 

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