To view the audit logs:

1. Log in to your account as a Master administrator or an Audit user role. 

2. In the left-hand menu, select Audit Log.

3. Use the different filtering options to find the events you are interested in. You can filter by user, area, type of action, time span, specified dates, or by the free text filter.

The available area types are User events, Connector events, Backup/Restore, and Miscellaneous. See also: What events does the audit log record?

Note: The actions of deleted users are also shown in the logs. To see these actions, select All users under the User filter.

4. Select Refresh to show the logs.

Note: Entries highlighted in red indicate denied actions. These display actions that the user did not have permission to perform.

5. To download an audit report as a CSV file, select the download icon in the toolbar.

Watch a video tutorial on how to view the Audit Log